ProQuímica Ibérica S.L.

ProQuímica Ibérica S.L.

PROQUIMICA IBERICA, S.L. Experience in textile chemicals since 1994


Our philosophy basics are: 

  • To have a highly qualified team with wide technical experience in the sector and its applications.
  • To Ensure the highest quality both in the productive area and in the customer service.
  • Offering services not only as supplier but also as consultant of applications, always with a very attentive service and in condition to solve any specific problem.
  • To provide flexibility, rapidity and solutions according to the needs of our clients in case to need a quick response or just-in-time supply.
  • Having immediate availability of all our products.


In Proquimica Ibérica we have a high qualified staff able to answer any demand tied to the productive cycle of all the textile fibers, providing in a brief time all the technical assistance needed, always maintaining feedback with the client.
In the highly equipped laboratories of analysis and quality control, our technical team is in perfect conditions to solve the specific needs of the client.
We currently offer the manufacture of chemical products in accordance with the highest technology and respect with the environment. Our range is made up of products of huge quality which are adapted to the processes and demands of the market.
In turn, after expanding the warehouse and production area, we make maquilas of all types with the requirements that clients may ask for. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat